So yesterday, I did something somewhat out of character. I joined something. I never do that. I’ve just never been a joiner. I’ve always gone with the whole Groucho Marx philosophy of, “I wouldn’t join anything that would have me as a member,” or something like that. It’s funny ’cause its true.

But I think if this whole website idea is going to take off (especially since it’s a blog), I might have to actually go out and network a bit. And therefore, join something.

Many moons ago, I was rather desperate for a new job, and came to much the same conclusion. So I checked around and was just starting up. So I searched and did find a local graphic design meetup. So without thinking, I joined up. Only immediately after joining, did I find that the few people who made up the group were… rather… pathetic. And just for the record, I was not the only one who thought that way. So there.

Jump ahead almost eight years, and what do I do? I go back to and find some group called Secret Handshake. It’s a group of creatives from wildly different backgrounds and disciplines. It’s a fairly large group, and they’ve had a number of meetups under their belt. And no, they don’t seem nearly as pathetic as that group from days of yore. With the possible exception of the one person on their members list I actually know. 😛 Kidding! Kidding! Put down that knife.

So I guess I’ll find out what the deal is in a few weeks. It had better be good. I’m going to miss out on a home cooked stew dinner fundraiser. And those don’t come around very often. Also means I’ll be flying solo that night. Hope there’s a good bus route to get there…