This is a new one.

Over the summer, I took a sketchbook with me on our first family road trip. I tried to sketch a little bit every day. Or maybe every other day. Or every other, other day. Anyways, I did manage to get some stuff on the page. This theme of little girls as antelopes (we were travelling through Saskatchewan and Alberta so it makes sense) came out of that.

This drawing was NOT the result of that sketching. My day job gets pretty technical. Lots of numbers and math. I tend to keep a scrap sheet of paper around to keep track of stuff. It also seems to be the place where I do my best sketching (and daydreaming!) This final image came from one of those sketches.

The original sketch. Like the notes I take for myself?

So All I did was take a quick snapshot with my phone (it was a pretty basic sketch, and I wasn’t out to impress anyone with my preliminary drawing) and dropped it into Photoshop and started painting away. A couple hours later, and all was finished.

I have plans for this one. Enjoy.