When the native human population of Epsilon Eridani C arrived, they quickly adapted themselves to better survive in their new environment. Today, there are very few of them left and mostly keep to themselves. Which suited the newer settlers and tourists just fine as they looked odd to untouched humans and they sometimes seemed “otherworldly” and “peculiar” in behaviour.
But Jackie was the only friend I had made when my folks migrated here from Earth last year. So I put up with his odd behaviour, and his looks never bothered me.
Until now. It was nighttime, the twin moons getting high in the evening sky. And Jackie just stopped, standing there silently with a far away look in his eyes. Like he was seeing something that wasn’t quite really there. Like a cat does.
What was going on?

I was never into horror comics (or horror of any kind) as a kid, but while trying to come up with something for my sketchbook, this image came to me. A strange boy who may or may not be trouble. Or maybe just in trouble?
Lots of fun playing around with ink textures in making this one. A nice blend of traditional and digital inking and colouring. Enjoy!