Font design is a complex design issue, barely raised in my old design classes. Getting a minimum of 26 upper and lowercase letters to work together to form words along with punctuation, numbers, accents, and other foreign language characters – you get one daunting task.

Over the years, I have dabbled in font design. While I have never released anything, into the wild, these are a few designs I feel confident talking about on my blog.

Totally 80s Font

Inspired by 80s era neon signs.


This was my first attempt at font design. Done way back in 1998, this was a make work project to teach me how to use Fontographer. While it looks crude today, it still can make nice words and short phrases. Perhaps one day I will update the worst offending glyphs. Mostly the “S”, ”E”, and “F”.


Inspired by the likes of the Tron and Terminator movie franchises. A very masculine and techno looking typeface.

Bitmap font

An experiment in type design, Bit Map simply started out as Helvetica with an Illustrator effect applied to it. A year or so of painfully tweaking the results left me with this – a totaly different and unique looking display font.

Not This one

Still a bit of a work in progress. A simple sans serif font inspired by the fun magnetic letters of my childhood. In fact, I have hopes of getting a version of this one laser cut in plastic shapes. Named after my son.


Loosely inspired by a really small and low resolution shot from Calvin Klien’s Eternity men’s cologne I found while Googling for something else (honest). Had to make up a lot of new letters.