I made this little gift originally for my son’s baptism. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it made in time for the service, but it was the thought that counts. It arrived by UPS today. Its made in sterling silver by the awesome people over at Shapeways. Since my son’s name is Adien, and a cousin of his (named Andrew) signed a card for him, “From big A to little a”, I thought a pendant with the letter “a” would be appropriate.

The lowercase “a” is a custom letter designed my me. I was actually going to use a lowercase “a” from the font, Americana Bold Condensed, but the little sketch I made (that I no longer seem to have) to remind me of the font I had chosen looked much better than the actual font, so I used the sketch as a base for my pendant design.

My original sketch.

My original sketch.


Illustrator A1

Adobe Illustrator vector.


Illustrator A2

Showing the editing nodes.

I first drew the outline in Illustrator and then imported the SVG file into Blender. And after a few final touches, I sent the file off to Shapeways to be 3D printed in sterling silver.

Now all I have to do is find a nice chain to go with it (Shapeways cannot 3D print interlocking pieces in metal).

A quick snapshot of the 3D printed piece.

A quick snapshot of the 3D printed piece.

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