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So here’s a slideshow of a whole bunch on images from my mostly on again/off again affair with the WAG’s life drawing program. Mostly black and white stuff using conté crayon, but a few colour pieces as well. Most of the pieces range from 10 minutes to half an hour. Though there are a few quickie gesture drawings and some longer poses to round everything out.

This is only a small sample of the some 200 odd photos I took the other week. Had to purge since it was taking up just too much space at home. Had some pretty interesting recycling this past Tuesday.

And in case anyone ever wonders how a married man gets away with staring at naked women (mostly) once a week, keep in mind, my wife is a photographer (she knows the drill), and I’ve been told I HAVE to be outta the house once a week for girls facial night. Apparently, her and Jessie’s (our female cat) pores are in dire need of cleansing. So there you go.